Passives are formed when the agent (doer of the verb, the noun phrase found in the subject position in active sentences) switches places with the patient (the receiver of the action of the verb, in the object position in active sentences).

We make the passive voice in the present (present passive voice) with the present tense of be+ past participle of the main verb. The form of be-verb changes depending on the subject.

We use the passive voice in the present:

When the person or thing (agent) that did the action isn’t known or isn’t important.

The best cars are made in Germany.

To talk about processes.

First, the rock is pulverized to produce a powder.

Next, the powder is compressed into a 5 cm thick sheet.

To sound impersonal in formal writing (e.g. news reports, scientific papers, etc.).

Interesting conclusions can be drawn from these findings.

When we want to show who or what did the action we use by.

This brand of wine is made by well paid workers.

Passive voice in the present questions

  1. Where are the best suits made?
  2. Who are the best cell phones made by?
  3. Where are the worst cars made?
  4. Where is most of the world’s oil extracted?
  5. What is the process to make a great wine?
  6. Where are the best football players born?
  7. Where are most technical advances made?
  8. Where are the best watches made?
  9. Who are the best TVs made by?
  10. What do you know the process for making? What are the steps for making it?
  11. In what country is football played most?
  12. Who are the best films directed by?
  13. Where are most computers made?
  14. Who are the best shoes made by?
  15. Who are the best cars made by?
  16. What sports are played most in your country?
  17. Where is the best tea grown?
  18. Where are the best games created?