Architecture/Building Design

  1. What kinds of materials are buildings made from?
  2. Is there one type of building material you prefer in buildings?
  3. What kind of style of buildings do you like? (Traditional, modern, crazy, functional, etc.)
  4. What do you think of your country’s modern/traditional architecture?
  5. What are some buildings around where you live that you like?
  6. Is it better to build concrete block buildings that are cheap, easy to build, and all look the same or more expensive buildings that have varied designs?
  7. Talk about the construction industry and real estate industry in your country.
  8. There are many types of houses (underground, eco-friendly, rural, apartment). What kind of house would be your ideal house?
  9. How much does architecture affect people’s moods?
  10. Have you ever been interested in architecture?
  11. What makes a good interior for a restaurant? Office? Home? Classroom?
  12. Smart buildings are being built now that can do lots of things. What would you like to see buildings be able to do in the future?