1. Edison’s Deafness

Thomas Edison became deaf when he was a little boy. He could not hear the lessons in school. For this reason, the teacher thought that he was stupid. But Edison’s mother knew her son was really smart. She took him out of school and taught him at home.

Edison was lonely and shy because of his deafness. He lived in a silent world. However, he didn’t feel bad about it. Edison later said he loved being deaf. Why? He couldn’t listen to other people. This meant he didn’t have to care about other people’s words. Instead, he could give all of his thoughts to his work.

2. Love Map

Ted likes a kind, cheerful girl. But David likes a shy, calm girl. Why are they so different? It’s because their love map is different. What is a love map?

According to scientists, a love map is a group of messages in your DNA. A map guides you to a place. In the same way, a love map guides you to a person you will love.

Our love map is made in our childhood. When we’re little, our mother is the center of our world. So, our mother affects our love map most. For this reason, we feel love for people who are like our mothers.

Here is a secret to understanding your boyfriend or girlfriend. Have a look at his or her mother. They will probably act the same!

3. Precious Salt

Why did Columbus travel to America? Surprisingly, it was because he wanted to find salt. Today, we can buy salt easily. It is very cheap. But in the old days, salt was not common. It was very expensive. In some parts of the world, salt was even used as money. In fact, the word ‘salary’ comes from the word ‘salt.’ Roman soldiers sometimes received salt instead of money for their work When someone is ‘worth his salt,’ it means that he is worth his pay.

4. Aren’t You His Mother?

A young boy was playing with a ball in the street. He kicked it too hard, and it broke the window of a house and fell inside. A lady came to the window with the ball and shouted at the young boy, 3 so he ran away. But he still wanted his ball back. A few minutes later, he returned and knocked on the door of the house. When the lady answered it, he said, “My father’s going to come and fix your window very soon.”

After a few more minutes, a man came to the door with tools in his hand, so the lady let the boy take his ball away. When the man finished fixing the window, he said to the lady, “That will cost you exactly ten dollars.” “But aren’t you the father of that young boy?” the woman asked, looking surprised. “No,” he answered, equally surprised.

“Aren’t you his mother?”

5. Gandi and His Lost Shoe

One day, a man was boarding a train with his friend. Unfortunately, one of his shoes slipped off and fell out of the train. He was unable to pick, it up, but he didn’t look upset. Instead, he calmly took off his other shoe and » threw it close to the first shoe. His friend asked, “Why did you do that?” The man smiled. “Well, a single shoe is not useful to me. After our train leaves, someone can pick up both shoes and wear them.”

The man was Mahatma Gandhi, the great Indian leader. He believed that even the smallest act of can be a great blessing to someone else. How will you give someone a ‘pair of shoes’ today?